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  • Niagara Landing is proud of all our New York State wines. Currently producing and offering 31 varietals which range from very dry to very sweet. We also produce a unique Hot Pepper wine that has caught fire wherever it’s served. Our wine can be sampled in our tasting room on Van Dusen Rd as well as many area liquor stores and wine tasting events throughout New York State.
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RS= Residual Sugar   (0=Dry up to 10=Sweetest)

White Wines

  • Dry Riesling RS=1.4 / 750ml $13.99 – This dry Riesling carries a fresh floral crispness, light peach, that pairs well with shellfish.
  • Gewürztraminer (Semi-Dry): RS=2.8 / 750ml $13.99 – This Gewürztraminer has all the flavor of a floral nose, fruit of the tropics, and spice.
  • Riesling/Chardonnay: RS=2.4 / 750ml $13.99 – Semi Dry. This wine combines the peach and apricot of Riesling and the Citrus & apple of the Chardonnay grape.
  • Traminette: RS=2.4 / 750ml $13.99 – Nice soft fruit of Melon, apple, and Pear. A clone of the Gewürztraminer Grape.
  • Riesling (Semi Dry): RS=2.5 / 750ml $13.99 – Carries a citrusy aroma with a nice fruit of apricot and peach fruit flavors.
  • Vignoles (Semi Sweet): RS=5.5 / 750ml $9.99 – Aromas of mango, apricot, tropical fruit, and Pineapple, well balanced with a crisp finish.
  • Riesling (Semi-Sweet): RS=5.5 / 750ml $13.99 – Aromas of honey, melon, apricot and luscious peach fruit flavors.
  • Misty Niagara (Semi Sweet): RS=7 / 750ml $9.99 / 1.5Liter $18.99 – Grape-y Grape fruit flavors of that native Niagara Grape.
  • Rosebud White (Semi Sweet): RS=8 / 750ml $9.99 – The sweet scent of white grapes & rose petals, rich in the fruit of the Vidal Blanc grapes. Served ice cold.
  • Rosebud Gold (Sweet): RS=9.5 / 750ml $9.99 / 1.5Liter $18.99 – The exotic scent of sweet tropical fruit suggests golden pineapple “Our Island Wine”
  • Rosebud Peach (Sweet): RS=9.5 / 750ml $9.99 / 1.5Liter $18.99 – Let fresh Niagara grapes & peaches envelop your senses. Serve ice cold with fresh berries & peaches or over vanilla ice cream.

Red Wines

  • Meritage: RS=0 / 750ml $18.99 – A blend of Cab Franc, Cab Sauvignon and Merlot. Nice briar fruits, soft tannins, well balanced.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: RS=0 / 750ml $18.99 – Rich ruby color, intense varietal aroma of berries with a hint of oak, smooth, light finish.
  • Merlot: RS=0 / 750ml $18.99 *Silver Medal Winner! – Aromas of black cherry & plum present this deep red wine. Savor a glass by itself or with a steak off the grill.
  • Baco Noir: RS=.20 / 750ml $13.99 – Mirrors a Pinot Noir, nice briar fruit with a touch of pepper and spice on the finish.
  • Cabernet Franc: RS=.20 / 750ml $13.99 – A soft oaky red with key aromas of black currant and violet.
  • Rosé of Cabernet FrancRS=1.5 / 750ml $13.99 – A semi-dry rosé that delights with aromas and flavors of raspberry and strawberry and a light citrusy finish.
  • Stearman Steuben (Semi-Sweet): RS=7 / 750ml $9.99 / 1.5Liter $18.99 – A deep rose’, flowery in aroma yet light on the palate. Jazz up leftovers!
  • Boxer Blush (Semi-Sweet): RS=7 / 750ml $9.99 / 1.5Liter $18.99 – “Our version of a White Zin”! A wine that complements many different foods.
  • Raspberry Rosebud (Sweet): RS=8 / 750ml $9.99 / 1.5Liter $18.99 – Fresh raspberry fruit complements this luscious addition to the Rosebud line. Serve ice cold in a tall glass with your favorite chocolate dessert!
  • Rosebud Red (Sweet): RS=9 / 750ml $9.99 / 1.5Liter $18.99 – A red blend of native grapes. Cherry red color with loads of strawberry & cotton candy aromas. Sweet yet tart, lip-smacking finish. Serve ice cold w/ spicy foods like hot Buffalo wings.
  • Blackberry Rosebud (Sweet): RS=10 / 750ml $9.99 / 1.5Liter $18.99The newest addition to the Rosebud line, this wine has rich, tart notes of briar fruit.
  • Rosebud Rosé (Sweet): RS=10.5 / 750ml $9.99/ 1.5Liter $18.99 – An aroma of fresh roses & a finish that dances across your palate. Try it with Cheesecake, Apple Crisp or in a tall glass over sliced strawberries.
  • Sweet Concord: RS=15 / 750ml $9.99 – Deep Velvety Sweet Concord that tastes like grape jelly out of the jar.

Ice Wine

  • Vidal Blanc Ice Wine (Sweet): $2.50 sample / 375ml $29.99 / 2 for $49.99 * Gold Medal Winner! – Has a dancing delicate nature. Aromas of apricot & honey. Elegant & Friendly.


Dessert Wines

  • Chocolate Dream: RS=15 / 375ml  $9.99 / 750ml $17.99 – A dreamy dark chocolate infused sipping wine for any occasion. Serve with anything (or anyone) that goes with chocolate!
  • Almond Dream: RS=15 / 375ml $9.99 / 750ml $17.99 – A cream sherry infused with almonds has the flavors of maraschino cherries and a touch of hazelnut!
  • Airport Red: RS=16 / 500ml $13.99 / 750ml $21.99 – A blend of premium red grape varieties. A wine to sip by the fire. Goes well with decadent dark chocolate or smoked almond.

Specialty Wines

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