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Rosebud Wines

Our signature Rosebud wines are lighter and fruitier. If you like it sweet, these wines are for you!
The flavors and aromas can be reminiscent of our local gardens or can take you all the way to the tropics.

RS= Residual Sugar (0=Dry up to 10=Sweetest)

    • White Wines

      • Rosebud Pina Colada (Sweet): RS=9 / 750ml $12.99
        Let your imagination take you to the islands where the sweet aromas of coconut and pineapple linger on your taste buds. Serve chilled or on the rocks.
      • Rosebud Gold (Sweet): RS=9.5 / 750ml $12.99 / 1.5Liter $19.99
        The exotic scent of sweet tropical fruit suggests golden pineapple. Our Island Wine.
      • Rosebud Peach (Sweet): RS=9.5 / 750ml $12.99 / 1.5Liter $19.99
        Let fresh Niagara grapes & peaches envelop your senses, serve ice cold with fresh berries & peaches or Over Vanilla ice cream.
  • Red Wines

    • Loganberry Rosebud (Sweet): 750ml $12.99
    • Raspberry Rosebud (Sweet): RS=8 / 750ml $12.99 / 1.5Liter $19.99
      Fresh raspberry fruit complements this luscious addition to the Rosebud line. Serve ice cold in a tall glass with your favorite chocolate dessert!
    • Cranberry Rosebud (Semi Sweet): RS=8 / 750ml $12.99  Smooth cranberry wine with a nice tart finish!
    • Rosebud Red (Sweet): RS=9 / 750ml $12.99 / 1.5Liter $19.99
      A red blend of native grapes. Cherry red color with loads of strawberry & cotton candy aromas. Sweet yet tart, lip-smacking finish. Serve ice cold w/ spicy foods like hot Buffalo wings.
    • Blackberry Rosebud (Sweet): RS=10 / 750ml $12.99 / 1.5Liter $19.99
      The newest addition to the Rosebud line, this wine has rich, tart notes of briar fruit.
    • Strawberry Kiwi Rosebud (Sweet): RS=10 / 750ml $12.99 / 1.5Liter $19.99 Strawberry Kiwi Rosebud pairs lush Strawberries with tart Kiwi, for a refreshing combination. Serve chilled.
    • Rosebud Rose (Sweet): RS=10.5 / 750ml $12.99/ 1.5Liter $19.99
      An aroma of fresh roses & a finish that dances across your palate. Try it with Cheesecake, Apple Crisp or in a tall glass over sliced strawberries.
    • Loganberry Rosebud (Sweet): RS=13.5 / 750ml $12.99  A delightful blend of sweet and slightly tart wine.

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